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PHN SuperMaxZeta ® 1000Pro rod pin type nanometer ultrasonic sander

Rod pin type nanometer ultrasonic sand mill for lithium iron phosphate cathode material

It brings about a major breakthrough in sand mill technology. It adopts innovative assembled grinding chamber design and a new grinding bead separation system to create an extraordinary wet grinding efficiency for you.

Our advanced wet grinding and dispersion equipment adopts innovative technology to improve the overall product quality. The fourth generation rod pin type nanometer ultrasonic sander is a high-efficiency nanometer wet grinding equipment specially developed by Pyler Research Institute for mass production. After one year of joint design and field application with Xiamen Tungsten expert team, the data show that its structural design, grinding efficiency and energy consumption indicators are superior to those of the same type of equipment abroad.

Outstanding advantages:

Grinding Introduction Separation

More effective grinding process, newly designed OCS centrifugal separation device, large flow, and ultrasonic device to ensure smooth discharge; The MDC assembled multi channel dynamic grading wheel grinding rotor is designed to keep the grinding beads away from the screen, so that smaller grinding beads can be used for more effective grinding, and the size distribution of the material after grinding is narrow.

Large screen surface area

Larger processing capacity, improved production efficiency, and larger screen surface area can ensure lower internal pressure in the chamber, thus reducing temperature problems and enabling you to achieve higher production efficiency.

Patented grinding grading system+ultrasonic device

The newly designed centrifugal separation device has a large flow, and an ultrasonic device is installed to ensure smooth discharge. The separation system can prevent the accumulation of grinding media and large particle materials on the surface of the separator, so that the flow in the chamber is higher, so that the flow resistance (i.e. pressure drop) is increased, and the separator is not worn.

production efficiency

The processing time and production cost are reduced. Special rod pin structure design, quantity, volume and installation position are designed according to hydrodynamics to achieve the maximum specific grinding energy, improve the material grinding efficiency, and make the material reach the nanometer level. The minimum fineness can be less than 50nm measured by the Malvern laser particle size tester.

Energy saving driving device

New industrial design, energy saving and environmental protection by using permanent magnet synchronous direct coupled motor, energy consumption reduced by 28.6%, high-end atmosphere, easy to operate and maintain.

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