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DHM Dry Grinding systems
For dry grinding of industrial minerals

The MORPH DHM system is suitable for the fine comminution and grading of all dry powders. It is an innovative device that combines dry grinding and dynamic grading of materials. The DHM system is highly efficient, low energy consumption, environmentally friendly and non-polluting, and is a powerful means for dry production of submicron or micron materials. This special grinding concept is that the material is basically self-grinding by the grinding energy generated by the medium alone, and the machine itself is not worn, and no more energy-consuming compressed air is needed.

Equipment principle
In the grinding and grading cycle system, the energy consumption of the fractionation portion increases as the fineness of the product increases. Therefore, for D97<1um products, the market demand for low energy classifiers will increase. The new generation of turbine air classifier TSD operates according to a new classification principle. This principle is based on the concept of solid bed flow (fluidized bed), replacing the traditional flow concept. This new concept makes it possible to significantly reduce pressure drop and grading energy consumption. The special blade geometry produces a uniform material flow and even a finer grade. For sub-micron applications, the advantages of the new generation of graders are obvious: low energy consumption, high quality, high throughput. Compared to the traditional standard grading wheel, the new generation TSD grading wheel can reduce the pressure drop by about 60%. In this special case, the new generation classifier can increase the output by 33% to 38% compared with the traditional method, and the quality is guaranteed. Variety.

For ne grinding of industrial minerals
Final product: D97 = 2μm to 500 μm
Feed material: up to 30 mm
Hardness: up to 9 Mohs

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