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Mainly used for mobile phone back cover, battery cover, middle frame, tablet computer, electrical switch, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, ceramics and other digital products, as well as other hard and brittle materials.


·The equipment adopts CNC five-axis linkage numerical control principle, equipped with symmetrical four-sided four-group grinding plates, and straight row linkage four sets of workpiece fixtures.

·At the same time, it can polishing and grinding the 3D curved surface and the frame surface of five products.

·A total of 20 grinding heads can complete five-face rough, medium and fine one-stop polishing.


Grinding plate power part, mechanical X/Y/Z/A/C five-axis, table assembly part and electronic control system, total control system, automatic add slurry and automatic water spray system, water circulation filter assembly, vacuum suction assembly Part (without vacuum pump), soundproof and dustproof board room.


· This machine adopts four-sided symmetry to link four sets of grinding plates,straight row linkage five sets of workpiece positions.The workpiece is fixed by vacuum adsorption,abrasives fast fastened with a magic clasp,adding water or precision grinding liquid according to process requirements while processing.One-time clamping can be rough, fine-polished or polished on the 3D curved surface and side of five workpieces through numerical control programming or trial teaching functions.It ensures the quality and consistency of product processing and greatly improves production efficiency. The safety door is automatically closed during processing,to avoid dust and noise pollution.

· The workpiece can be vacuum adsorbed ( vacuum pump is optional).

· With a peristaltic pump,automatic mixer and water pump,water tank, etc. Select precision grinding fluid (non-recyclable) or coolant (recyclable)according to process requirements.