Chemical IndustryChemical, paint, pigment, organic / mineral, sealant and binder
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油漆英文名:paint or coating。油漆是一种能牢固覆盖在物体表面,起保护、装饰、标志和其他特殊用途的化学混合物涂料。中国涂料界比较权威的《涂料工艺》一书是这样定义的:“涂料是一种材料,这种材料可以用不同的施工工艺涂覆在物件表面,形成粘附牢固、具有一定强度、连续的固态薄膜。这样形成的膜通称涂膜,又称漆膜或涂层。”Paint is a chemical mixture of paint that can be firmly applied to an object's surface for protection, decoration, marking, and other special purposes. "Coating is a kind of material, which can be coated on the surface of an object with different construction techniques, forming a solid film with certain strength and continuity. The film thus formed is called coating film, also known as paint film or coating.