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Adhering to the characteristics of traditional gantry machining center, such as strong rigidity, symmetrical structure and high stability, the stress distribution of the machine body under load is simulated through finite element analysis, and then the thickness of the machine bed, mechanical shape and beam column position are evaluated. It adopts fixed beam double column gantry frame structure, cross layout, high rigidity integrated forming, base and wide column base are made of Meehanite cast iron, which will not be distorted in harsh environment, and the mechanical structure is stable and reliable. Integrating advanced technology elements, pursuing the development concept of high efficiency, high precision, energy saving and pleasant, the headstock adopts nitrogen cylinder balance mechanism to ensure the headstock moving up and down smoothly along the saddle. It is widely used in mold, aviation, aerospace, rail transit, automobile, household appliances, shipbuilding, metallurgy, petrochemical, mining machinery, electric energy, plastic machinery, engineering machinery, heavy industry machinery and other high-end manufacturing industries.


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