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The world's largest sand mill

Phe supermaxflow 5000 super horizontal sand mill

Issa mill has applied for patent, which is a new type based on high-strength mixing ball mill technology, which has high efficiency and energy saving.

Grinding is an important process that the mineral must go through before the separation of the mineral to reach the monomer. However, in the face of a series of problems such as incomplete metal dissociation caused by insufficient grinding fineness, low comprehensive recovery rate and high tail slag grade, the mine boss is directly worried about the limited grinding capacity of traditional mill, and the fineness of grinding discharge has reached the limit. Increasing grinding time not only causes the power consumption cost to increase obviously, but also easily produces over grinding, It has too much effect.

In view of the above technical problems, a great grinding equipment was born - Phe supermaxflow 5000 super horizontal sand mill (ISSA mill), which was first established in China. It is a two-stage and three-stage grinding equipment developed for metal mines based on more than 20 years of industrial application abroad, aiming at the characteristics of difficult, miscellaneous and fine ore in Chinese metal mines.

Phe supermaxflow 5000 super horizontal sand mill is mainly used to realize high-speed rotation by mixing flat in the cylinder and driven by the main shaft, so that the grinding medium (2-6mm ceramic ball) is used for axial movement and rotation movement. The mineral particles are subject to the friction force of the high-speed grinding medium to realize the grinding process.

At the same time, the mill uses internal classification (no hydrocyclone) and selective grinding principle to produce grinding products with suitable particle size, so as to ensure the best recovery rate of magnetic separation, re separation, flotation and leaching. The grade of - 0.037 mm can reach 60%, 80%, 90%, 95% and 100% according to the requirements of mineral dissociation. The industrial production data show that when producing grinding grain size - 0.037 mm, the energy saving of single AI grinding mill with 3 mm medium is more than 60% than that of single ball mill with 40 mm medium.

Besides the large-scale energy saving and consumption reduction, the internal centrifugal classification and open circuit grinding are adopted, which eliminates the external hydrocyclones that other grinding equipment must rely on. The process is simple, the area of land occupied is small, the capital construction investment is less, the operation is convenient and the maintenance is simple; In the grinding products, however, grinding, no under grinding, narrow particle distribution and no iron pollution are very beneficial to the improvement of flotation index. The equipment is suitable for continuous production of large metal and black mines. Through the control of open circuit grinding and test parameters, the grinding products with required particle size can be obtained. The hydraulic device is used to push the cylinder and the ball adding system is mechanized, which is convenient for maintenance and operation, and saves manpower and time cost.

So far, super horizontal sand mill has achieved good application results in some gold mine in China, an iron concentrate in Tangshan, an iron concentrate in Chengde, Inner Mongolia, a lead-zinc mine in Russia, a copper mine in Heilongjiang Province, and other large mines, mining colleges and institutes.


PHE SuperMaxFlow® 500 1200 3000 5000 10000 50000
腔体容积 L 500 1200 3000 5000 10000 46000
装机功率 KW 250 355-500 800-1120 1120-1500 3000 8000
重量 T 13.5 25 30 62 126
M 10 16 18 22 34
M 1.4 3.5 3.5 3.5 4.7
M 1.2 2.7 2.7 3.4 5.4

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