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InNovaZ LM Nano Ultrasonic high Speed disperser

LM 240 is a kind of applicable to the homogenization of nano paste dispersed high-end intelligent equipment, due to the scattered round line speed of 60 m/s and baffle plate, high speed rotation of the ladle is distributed in the formation of slurry specific path, due to the effect of centrifugal force of the scattered round, slurry high-speed from scattered round the outer wall, high-speed impact dispersion barrel wall. When the slurry breaks away from the wheel wall at high speed, vacuum will be formed on the surface of the wheel wall instantly. In this way, the slurry inside the dispersing wheel will pass through the dispersing hole on the dispersing wheel under the action of vacuum, and the slurry will only stay in the dispersing barrel for about 30 seconds. The PATENTED COOLING SYSTEM ENABLES THE slurry to be fully cooled when dispersed at high speed, which can fully meet the specific process requirements of users.

Practice is the only criterion for the test of truth

Peller and LEIMIX GmbH have jointly launched a nano ultrasonic high speed disperser in China, which can be used in the continuous production of power battery paste. In order to meet the requirements of our customers, Piler has built a customer experience center in Guangzhou to provide you with perfect solutions and test conditions from the equipment and even the process.

▎ Quality and efficiency -- you can work with both ▎

(1) Non-destructive dispersion, which improves the dispersion quality of slurry without damaging the original morphology of the material;

(2) stable feeding speed, special dispersion method, to ensure consistency of slurry dispersion;

(3) improve the stability of slurry viscosity, more conducive to coating and improve the quality of the pole sheet;

(4) High quality dispersion effect, greatly play the performance of conductive materials, so as to reduce the internal resistance of lithium ion battery.

▎ It is suitable for continuous production of power battery slurry

▎ Mixed and dispersed ▎

The shear impinges on the inner wall of the vessel and forms a thin-film turbulent dispersion layer between the stationary inner wall of the vessel and the high-speed rotating dispersion. The power battery slurry in the thin film turbulent dispersion layer has violent collision and friction under high shear force, which makes the aggregate disperse rapidly. After rapid dispersion of power battery slurry flow dispersion device, into the ultrasonic device produce resonance impact (tiny bubbles) so that further nanometer size, and into the ultrasonic device produce resonance impact (tiny bubbles) so that further nanometer size, to ensure that the fluid dispersion quality consistency and efficiency.

▎ With the combination of high-energy thin-film turbulent dispersion and ultrasonic cavitation dispersion, there is no such thing as a fish for agglomeration

① high-energy thin film turbulent dispersion: in the thin film turbulent dispersion layer, the large shear force stress caused by the high speed rotation of the dispersing disk makes the slurry in the inner wall of the container and the dispersing disk have violent collision and friction, so that the aggregate can be rapidly dispersed.

(2) Ultrasonic cavitation dispersion: the use of ultrasonic cavitation produced by the shock wave and micro jet has the pulverization effect, to disperse the particles, especially suitable for the dispersion of nano-particle agglomeration.


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