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PUHLER Horizontal Nano Circulation mill PHN SuperMaxZeta®

Maximum capacity can reach 1000L
PHN series nano pin bar sand mill is the company's second-generation product of large-flow circulating sand mill. It is a second-generation product of new nano-grinding equipment. It can meet the requirements of fineness index of various topcoats and nano-products. PHN adopts patented slit separator system, which has large filtration area and meets the requirements of high-flow multi-grinding required for all kinds of high-grade topcoat production. The flow rate of PHN SuperMaxZeta is several times that of the traditional sander. The separator is not subject to wear and tear. The long service life can use very small grinding media (0.3mm), and it will not block the discharge filter. The hydrodynamic dispersion process is ours. The field of development.
• The whole machine adopts German DIN industry and European CEN and EMC product design standards, and has obtained CE and ISO quality system certification.
• Fully enclosed, short/thick grinding chamber (Fig. 4) design element, 16:10 golden ratio ratio length/diameter/linear velocity factor ratio is better.
• Large-size hollow (Fig. 6) dynamic pin rotor (Fig. 5) and large-flow screen-type separator (Fig. 7) are combined reasonably to achieve high-flow, multi-pass grinding and optimization.
Product particle size distribution, third-party verified fineness D99 at 30nm. For the sensitivity of nanomaterials to temperature, there is an increase in the two-contact electrical contact thermometer (Figure 8).
• The feed port is located at the machine seal end (Fig. 2). The modified discharge port is placed in the middle and lower part of the discharge valve blue (Fig. 9), which improves the blockage of the separator in the grinding chamber caused by material settling. And the pressure (Fig. 10); the high energy density (2kW/dm3), the hollow wheel (Fig. 6) pin (Fig. 5), the sand mill combination production efficiency is 3-5 times that of the ordinary sand mill.
• It adopts two-way sliding double-face mechanical seal device (Fig. 3) with imported cold liquid (Fig. 1). The sealing effect is good and the operation is reliable, which ensures the reliability of bearing operation.
Through strategic cooperation experiments with the South China Institute of Technology Building Materials Department, Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College Fine Chemicals Department and other universities, the company has broken through the inkjet ink; alumina; drug and other product fineness issues, through the third-party testing report, the final product fineness can reach nanometer Grade (less than 100 nm) or less.
1. It is suitable for grinding materials that are extremely difficult to disperse. After repeated grinding, the effect of thorough dispersion grinding can be achieved.
2. Take a variety of cooling measures, good heat dissipation, suitable for grinding temperature sensitive materials.
3. The product quality reproducibility is good, the particle size is issued uniformly, and the product quality is not affected by the circulating flow.


Application range:

Automotive paint, electronic ceramics, optoelectronics industry, nano color paste, nano functional coatings, biopharmaceuticals, cell disruption, chip polishing fluid, magnetic materials, carbon nanotubes, color paste, dental fillers, carotene, pesticide suspension, ceramic spray Ink, inorganic pigment ceramic inkjet, lithium iron phosphate battery, nano-scale special new materials, oxides, life sciences, food industry, cosmetics, graphene, ternary materials nickel-cobalt-manganese, electronic ceramics, titanium dioxide.

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