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Puhler GmbH, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, is a technology company focusing on nano grinding intelligent equipment. It has authorized Jinling Co., Ltd. to assemble and sell the core product technology and brand maxmill in China, and signed a strategic cooperation to develop flexible production line solutions for intelligent grinding and polishing system, so as to jointly create "German technology, local intelligent complete solutions".

At present, the machine tools for polishing convex surfaces in glass or gemstone industry are relatively simple: single person single station, one machine can only complete one polishing process at a time, with high labor cost, low production efficiency, and large area occupied by single station, which has gradually failed to meet the production requirements Maxmill brand strategic cooperation to jointly develop and provide a compact structure, single station covers a small area, a single person can operate two stations, realize automatic loading and unloading, complete two or more polishing convex surface processes, to save labor and improve production efficiency.


01 this equipment is a vacuum adsorption polishing machine

When working, the workpiece is placed on the workpiece disk fixture, the workpiece is fixed on the fixture by vacuum adsorption, the brush disk is fixed on the upper disk surface, the lower upper disk rotates reversely, the polishing liquid flows evenly from the spray pipe to the lower plate, and the polishing of the glass arc surface is realized by using the friction between the brush, the polishing liquid and the glass.

02 double station cooperation at the same time, realize the non-stop loading and unloading operation;

The equipment is equipped with two stations, a total of 10 work-piece discs (5 for each station). When one station is polishing, the other station can load and unload. When the work-piece polishing on one station is completed, the loading device moves to another station to continue polishing, so as to realize the operation of loading and unloading without stopping the machine.

The machine is precisely positioned and controlled by the numerical control program, and the stepless speed regulation is realized according to the process requirements, so as to meet the requirements of different polishing processes. The vacuum system of the equipment is equipped with a digital vacuum pressure gauge to monitor the negative pressure in real time, so as to prevent undervoltage and chip dropping.

03 working disk driven independently to meet the needs of different processes;

The hanging plate of the equipment is driven independently, and five workpieces can realize rotation and revolution. In order to meet the requirements of different polishing processes, the drive motors of upper plate and workpiece plate are driven by independent frequency converter. The pressure of the polishing disc is driven by the servo motor, and the ball screw moves on the linear guide rail to precisely control the up and down displacement of the polishing disc, so as to keep the pressure stable and ensure the polishing accuracy.

04 vacuum gas-liquid automatic separation device improves the stability of workpiece clamping

In order to solve the technical problem of vacuum instability and workpiece breakage caused by slurry suction into vacuum pipeline in polishing operation, an automatic vacuum gas-liquid separation device was developed, which solved the problem of unstable vacuum pressure in polishing operation and improved the stability of workpiece clamping. All the liquid tanks, box panels and liquid basins of the equipment that can contact the polishing liquid are made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy and other corrosion-resistant materials.

This machine adopts man-machine interface, easy to operate

The machine adopts HMI (15 Inch Touch Screen) and PLC. It is easy to operate, friendly interface, programming and storage management.

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