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The bed adopts the overall floor type bed, and the guide rail adopts the combination of rectangular bar and mountain bar with large width, the total width reaches 610mm, the machine has strong torsional resistance and good rigidity, which can realize strong cutting. The headstock adopts high and low speed stepless speed regulation, the spindle speed range is 10 ~ 800r/min. On the slide block is equipped with the milling power head, drive the milling head spindle rotation through frequency conversion motor, change the milling head spindle speed by adjusting the frequency of the motor, to meet the needs of milling. Thus, through a single card to achieve the machine milling compound machining, to meet the user's purpose of multi-purpose machine. The lubrication system of the machine adopts the fixed time and quantitative volumetric automatic centralized oil supply lubrication system, which can ensure the full lubrication of any lubrication part. Semi-closed protective cover ensures safe operation of workers, beautiful and generous appearance, and good suitability for human nature; The sliding door is flexible and suitable for lifting large workpieces.

This machine is suitable for turning inner circle, outer circle, end face, taper surface, thread, groove, chamfering and other processing tasks. This machine tool is especially suitable for processing shaft, disc and sleeve parts, for small and medium-sized batch, multiple varieties, multiple specifications of similar parts of frequent, take turns to process, has a strong applicability. At the same time, the machine is equipped with a milling power head, the key slot or ring slot on the shaft parts, can be processed and formed in one time, so as to form the turning and milling compound processing of the machine tool.

This machine has high power, good rigidity, novel and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, convenient and flexible operation, wide application, the size accuracy of the processed parts reaches IT7, the surface roughness ra3.2m.

Standard Accessories:

3-jaw chuckφ325 & flange, φ300 center rest (above three meters matches) dead centers、reduction sleeve、maintenance ktt,foundation bolts /nuts,level blocks,machine tool manual.

Optional Accessories:

4—jaw chuck/φ500 & flange、steady rest for centers distance than 3 meters.

Optional System:

Fanuc oi、siemens 828D