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Precious metals and nonferrous metals

Different applications and solutions of Piper equipment in Mineral & Mineral Field
Rare metals are of great significance in modern industry. Sometimes they are separated from non-ferrous metals and become a separate category. And with ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals juxtaposed, become the three major categories of metals.
Nonferrous metals are the basic materials for the development of national economy. Most industries such as aviation, aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing, electric power, communication, construction, household appliances and so on are based on nonferrous metals. With the rapid development of modern chemical industry, agriculture and science and technology, non-ferrous metals play an increasingly important role in human development. It is not only an important strategic material in the world, an important means of production, but also an indispensable means of consumption in human life.
With the development of economy, the proven high-quality mineral resources are nearly exhausted, which not only makes our country face the crisis of serious shortage of total supply of non-ferrous metal materials, but also because of the complex low-grade ore resources or secondary resources that are "difficult to explore, mine, concentrate and smelt" gradually become the main raw materials Environment and other science and technology have posed great challenges. The low quality of resources will make China's non-ferrous metal industry and related industries face the crisis of survival and competition. The development of China's nonferrous metal industry urgently needs new theory, new technology and new grinding process to adapt to the characteristics of China's resources. The technology of nonferrous metals with complete system, advanced level and mutual integration plays an important role in improving the independent innovation ability of China's nonferrous metals industry, promoting the efficient, low-carbon, pollution-free and comprehensive utilization of nonferrous metals resources, and ensuring the sustainable development of China's nonferrous metals industry.

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